Our educational philosophy is based on principles such as these:

  • Education cannot be divorced from religious convictions, principles and values.
  • Reformed education maintains that parents--in obedience to the divine mandate--retain the full primary responsibility for the education of their children, and therefore claim the prior right to choose the desirable form of education for them.
  • Reformed education is based on the bond between home, school, and church, recognizing the unique interaction between home, school, and church as the unshakeable foundation for all of life.
  • Reformed education seeks to educate the whole child, i.e., it seeks to develop the ethical and moral, as well as the aesthetic, physical, and intellectual dimensions of each child, so that each child may love and serve his/her Creator and his/her neighbour with his/her whole heart, soul and mind.
  • Reformed education seeks to provide its students with an understanding of the nature and purpose of life, as well as work, as children of their heavenly Father in today's society, and to contribute to that society.
  • Reformed education seeks to present a comprehensive view of the world in all its expressions, recognizing it as God's creation, with as purpose God's glorification, and as ultimate destiny the great restoration when God will restore the whole of creation.
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