Since God requires that His people be educated according to His Word (Deut. 6: 6,7; Psalm 78: 1-4), members of the Canadian Reformed Churches of Brampton and Toronto have established an independent school to assist parents in the fulfilment of the promises they made at the baptism of their children, so that there may be harmony between the teachings of the Church, and those of the home and the school.

Credo Christian School endeavours to equip its students for a life of service to God and in His kingdom. The basis for the instruction at Credo Christian School may be summarized as follows:

    1. The entire curriculum will be taught in obedience to the Holy Scriptures which are the infallible Word of God, and as summarized in the doctrinal statements of the Canadian Reformed Churches.

    2. The teaching in every subject will take into account that the students are heirs of the Covenant established by God between Himself and the believers. As covenant children, these students are under God's care and protection, and are called to obedient service in all areas of life.

    3. Each subject in the curriculum will have as its point of departure the cultural mandate as it is enunciated in Genesis 1:28, and elaborated upon throughout the entire Scriptures.

    4. Since this cultural mandate is to be exercised in a world which is lost in the misery and guilt incurred by man's fall into sin, but which has been redeemed by Christ, the aim of all instruction will be to equip the students as Christians for their various tasks in this world.

Educational Goal
The education at Credo--being one aspect of the total education, and being itself totally subject to God's Word--will help with the optimum equipment of God's covenant children toward service to Him and to their neighbours. This goal may be further specified as follows:
    1. Having regard for the true unity in education between home and school is to assist the parents in the upbringing and nurturing of their children.

    2. The school shall foster and promote willingness and understanding within the students so that they come to independent and conscious use of their talents, skill, and knowledge to the honour of God, and to the benefit of their neighbour.

    3.Having regard for the individual differences of the students, the school shall assist them in the optimum acquisition of skills and knowledge required to enable them to function as Christians in today's society.

Credo Christian School Mission

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