Bible History

The teacher tells well known Bible stories of the Old and New Testament.

Church History

Topics are taught incidentally or as an extension of the Bible lesson.

Language Arts

The teacher teaches appreciation of literature in its various forms. Alphabet recognition and phonics are introduced. Text: Modern Curriculum Press Phonics April-June: Opencourt, Grade 1 first unit is taught.


"Teach Me French"


As resources, the teacher uses "Explorations for Early Childhood", published by Addison-Wesley and Math Explorations and Applications, published by Mc Graw-Hill.


The Body
- Parts, function, food and nutrition, hygiene and health

The Fall Season
- See social studies

The Winter Season
- Weather, cycles, patterns, natural occurrences, changes in plants, animals

Simple Machines
- Pumps, ramps, marble run, etc.

The Spring Season
- Weather, cycles, patterns natural occurrences, changes in plants, animals

- Wind, electricity, batteries

Social Studies

The Fall Season
Science: Weather , cycles, patterns, natural occurrences, changes in plants, animals

- Equipment, harmful substances, basic rules

Community Awareness
- Helpers, tools, buildings and their uses


There are no student texts available. Teachers' Resource: 'Art in Action' series. ‘Art Connections’ (Sra McGraw-Hill)
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