Bible History

Year 1: The Divided Kingdom. The emphasis will be on the Kings of Judah and Israel and the Prophets of Judah. Inter-testament period and Christ's Ministry.

Year 2: Creation to King David and the Book of Ruth.
Student text:
- Old Testament Studies for Junior High School by E. Bossenbroek - The Ministry of Christ by Francis Breisch Jr.

Church History

Year 1: The Christian Church during the Great Reformation: the period from 1450 to 1650
- Reformation: faith, grace, Scriptures.
- Religious wars sweep across Europe.
- A divided Christian Church seeks to conquer the world.

Year 2: The Christian Church in the modern period: from 1650 to the present.
- The struggle for the truth in the world and in the church.
- The church’s task of mission.
- The history of the Canadian Reformed Churches.

Language Arts

Student Text: "Choices" and "Decisions" published by CSI.
Grammar text: “Building English Skills- Skill Practice Book”
Vocabulary: “Words Are Important”

In addition to the basal readers, students in grades 2 - 8 will study novels that are appropriate for their level.

‘Underground to Canada’ by B. Smucker.
‘The Hobbit’ by J.R.R. Tolkien.
‘The Bronze Bow’ by G. Speary


"Passeport Francais"
Grade 7: level 2
Grade 8: level 3
Songs, stories and plays


Student texts: the books of the Houghton Mifflin Mathematics series.


Year 1: "Science Power 8" - The units taught are Cell, Fluids, Light and Optical Instruments, Water Systems and Mechanical Advantage and Efficiency.

Year 2: "Science Power 7" - The units taught are Interaction Within Ecosystems, Pure Substances and Mixtures, Heat, The Earth’s Crust and Structural Strength and Stability.
The text books are published by McGraw Hill Ryerson

Health / Guidance

Year 1: Guidance - Care document a. Communicating effectively
b. Self examination
c. Skill acquisition
d. Educational Plans

Year 2: Health: The Body
a. Systems
b. Growth


Patterns in Human Geography
Economic Systems
Main Resource: Patterns in Human Geography-Johnson Publications Ltd.


“Canada: The Story of Developing a Nation”
The Development of Western Canada
Canada: A Changing Society
The books are publications of McGraw-Hill Ryerson.


Program: Expert Typing



Music Appreciation

Physical Education

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