Bible History

Year 1: Judges, Job, Saul, David, and New Testament( Paul’s Journeys)

Year 2: Divided Kingdom to Exile; Parables, The Ministry of Christ, The Change in Christ’s Ministry.

Church History

Year 1: The Christian Church during the Middle Ages: the next thousand years: from the fall of 2002-2003 Rome to the forerunners of the Reformation.
- Thousand years of reformations and deformations.
- Pope and emperor struggle for the power over the church. God preserves his church.

Year 2: The early Christian Church: the first five hundred years: from Pentecost to the fall of Rome.
- Persecutions of the early Church.
- Defending the truth of the gospel.
- The gospel spreads across the world.

Language Arts

The books of "Expressways II" of Gage Publishing Co. are used as student texts. Spelling is integrated into the language arts program. Students are held accountable for the words they have learned. By the end of grade eight the students have studied, and should master the 'Word Bank of 1200 High - Frequency Writing Words'.

In addition to the basal readers, students in grades 2 - 8 will study novels that are appropriate for their level.

Novels for grades 5 and 6:
‘Strawberry Girl’ by L. Lenski.
‘Snow Treasure’ by M. Mc Swigan.
‘Door in the Wall’ by M. DeAngeli.
‘I Am David’ by A. Holm.
‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ by C.S. Lewis.


"Bonjour Canada" series
Grade 5: Parlons Chiffres!
Grade 6: A Vos Marqes!
- Songs and stories
From Le Francais en Action # 4: the themes weather, clothing, family, food, sports, actions and commands.


Student texts: Math Explorations and Applications, published by McGraw-Hill Ryerson Ltd.


Year 1: Diversity of Living Things, Properties of Air and Characteristics of Flight, Electricity, Motion, Space.

Year 2: Human Organ Systems, Properties of and Changes in Matter, Conservation of Energy, Forces Acting on Structures and Mechanisms, Weather.
Student text: "Science and Technology", an Addison-Wesley publication.

Social Studies

Year 1: Mesopotamia, Romans, The Renaissance, Canada and It’s Trading Partners, European Explorers

Year 2: Egyptians, Greeks, Explorations and Discoveries, Canadian Government
Student text: "Story of the Old World" published by CSI Publications
Classroom Atlas of Canada and the World (“Rand McNally”)


Program: Expert Typing


There are no student texts available. Teachers' Resource: 'Art in Action' series. ‘Art Connections’ (Sra McGraw-Hill)


Music Appreciation

Physical Education

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