Bible History

Year 1: Creation to the Divided Kingdom and Christ's Ministry ( Book of Luke)

Year 2: Divided Kingdom to New Testament Time; the Gospel of John and the Acts of the Apostles.

Church History

Year 1: The topics being taught are the following:
- Communion of Saints: The Body of Christ, Marriage, Funeral, Church Societies/Committees, Office Bearers in the Congregation, Story of Local Congregation.
- Those who have gone before us: Thomas Cranmer, Patrick, Rev. Hendrik de Cock, John Wycliffe, Guido De Bres
- Mission: Irian

Year 2: The topics being taught are the following:
- A Family of Churches: Introduction the Federation, Theological College, Care for the Elderly, Care for the Handicapped, Educating the Young, Publications.
- Those who have gone before us: John Huss, William Carey, Rev. Albertus VanRaalte, Olevianus and Ursinus, John Knox.
- Mission: Smithers

Language Arts

The SRA Open Court reading series, published by McGraw Hill - Ryerson, is used in grades 1 through 4.

The handwriting series "Canadian Handwriting" published by The Resource Centre is used. Spelling is integrated into the language arts program. Students are held accountable for the words they have learned. By the end of grade eight the students have studied, and should master the 'Word Bank of 1200 High - Frequency Writing Words'.

In addition to the basal readers, students in grades 2 - 8 will study novels that are appropriate for their level.

Novels for grades 3 and 4:
‘Smoke Above the Lane’ by M. DeJong.
‘Stone Fox’ by John Reynolds Gardiner.
‘Owls in the Family’ by F. Mowat.
‘Charlotte’s Web’ by E.B. White.
‘Little House in the Big Woods’ by L.I. Wilder.


"Dimoitou", level 3 (resource)
‘Les histoires de Napolčon’ by P.J. Arthur and M. Fisher.


Student texts: Math Explorations and Applications, published by McGraw-Hill Ryerson Ltd.


Year 1: Senses, Food for Growth, Birds, Growth and Changes in Plants, Light, Sound, Energy, Stability, Rocks, Minerals and Erosion, Pulleys and Gears.

Year 2: Vertebrates and Invertebrates, Habitats and Communities, Insects, Weather, Forces and Movement, Soils, Matter, Magnetism, Materials that Transmit, Reflect or Absorb Light or Sound.
Student text: "Exploring God's World" and "Understanding God’s World"

Social Studies

Year 1: The provinces and Territories of Canada (Farming - Government - Justice System)
Medieval Times

Year 2: Urban and Rural Communities, Communication, Handicapped, Pioneer Life
Canada (Government - Exploration - Fishing - Forestry - Mining)


There are no student texts available. Teachers' Resource: 'Art in Action' series. ‘Art Connections’ (Sra McGraw-Hill)


Music Appreciation

Physical Education

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