Bible History

The teacher tells Bible stories taken from the Old and New Testament. She will cover the Bible stories from Genesis to the Acts of the Apostles. Each year the same topics will be taught, but the degree of depth will differ.

Church History

Year 1: The topics being taught are the following:
- What is the Church? Going to Church, The Congregation, The Minister, The Church Building, The Elders and The Deacons.
- Those who have gone before us: Polycarp, Boniface, George Wishart, William Tyndale, Martin Luther.
- Mission: Achego Home

Year 2: The topics being taught are the following:
- What Happens in Church? The Church Service, Baptism, Lordís Supper, Profession of Faith, Installation of Office bearers.
- Those who have gone before us: Perpetua and Felicitas, Ansgar, Ambrose, Augustine, John Calvin
- Mission: Brazil

Language Arts

The SRA Open Court reading series, published by McGraw Hill - Ryerson, is used in grades 1 through 4.

The handwriting series "Canadian Handwriting" published by The Resource Centre is used. Spelling is integrated into the language arts program. Students are held accountable for the words they have learned. By the end of grade eight the students have studied, and should master the 'Word Bank of 1200 High - Frequency Writing Words'.


"Dimoitou", level 1 (resource)


Student texts: Math Explorations and Applications, published by McGraw-Hill Ryerson Ltd.


Year 1: Life cycles: Bees/Butterflies/Frogs; Energy in our lives, Energy from moving water, Different Types of Animals, Human Body/Health/Diet, Liquids and Solids, Air as a substance.

Year 2: Health/ Five Senses, Animals/ Pets, Physical Science (Light, Heat, & Sound), Seasons and Plants, Simple Machines, Space.

Social Studies

Year 1: Social Skills, Safety and Emergencies, The Earth: Physical-the globe, Canadaís Many Cultures, Important People in Canada, The Community: Itís needs, workers buildings.

Year 2: Family, Rules and Responsibilities, The Community (Itís different cultures), Transportation, Maps, The Political World.


There are no student texts available. Teachers' Resource: 'Art in Action' series. ĎArt Connectionsí (Sra McGraw-Hill)


Mainly practising songs for programs. Resource: Musicanada

Physical Education

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