Bible History

Selected stories of the Old and New Testament are taught each year.

Church History

Year 1: The topics being taught are the following:
- What is the Church? Going to Church, The Congregation, The Minister, The Church Building, The Elders and The Deacons.
- Those who have gone before us: Polycarp, Boniface, George Wishart, William Tyndale, Martin Luther.
- Mission: Smithers, Mission supported by local Church

Year 2: The topics being taught are the following:
- What Happens in Church? The Church Service, Baptism, Lordís Supper, Profession of Faith, Installation of Office bearers.
- Those who have gone before us: Perpetua and Felicitas, Ansgar, Ambrose, Augustine, John Calvin
- Mission: Papua New Guinea, Mission supported by local church

Language Arts

The SRA Open Court reading series, published by McGraw Hill - Ryerson, is used in grades 1 through 4.

The handwriting series "Canadian Handwriting" published by The Resource Centre is used. Spelling Power- Focus on Spelling, Meaning, and Writing published by Curriculum Associates is used in Grades 1 Ė 4 as books A through D. Students are held accountable for the words they have learned. By the end of Grade 8 the students have studied, and should master the Word Bank of 1200 High - Frequency Writing Words.


"Dimoitou", level 1 (resource)


Jump Math Program


Year 1: Science 2 published by CSI Units: Scientific Investigations Investigating Bones and Muscles Investigating Health and Safety Investigating Animals Investigating Liquids and Solids Investigating Position and Motion Investigating Buoyancy and Boats Life cycles: Bees/Butterflies/Frogs; Energy in our lives, Energy from moving water, Different Types of Animals, Human Body/Health/Diet, Liquids and Solids, Air as a substance.

Year 2: Health/ Five Senses, Animals/ Pets, Physical Science (Light, Heat, & Sound), Seasons and Plants, Simple Machines, Space.

Social Studies

Year 1: Social Skills, Safety and Emergencies, The Earth: Physical-the globe, Canadaís Many Cultures, Important People in Canada, The Community: Itís needs, workers buildings.

Year 2: Family, Rules and Responsibilities, The Community (Itís different cultures), Transportation, Maps, The Political World.


There are no student texts available. Teachers' Resource: 'Art in Action' series. ĎArt Connectionsí (Sra McGraw-Hill)


Mainly practising songs for programs. Resource: Musicanada

Physical Education

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