Students are expected to reflect a Christian lifestyle in dress and appearance. Godís children should not, by virtue of their dress and/or grooming, be mistaken for children of the world. Furthermore, the Christian school is open to scrutiny and we make a public statement about the character and purpose of our school through both the behaviour and the manner of dress of our students. Parental and school standards are also needed to help children resist the pressure to conform to wrong standards set by peer groups. For these reasons, the kind of dress to be worn in the school is not a matter that can be left entirely up to personal choice or taste.

At Credo, students are expected to wear clothing that reflects a Christian walk of life. That means that clothing is not only neat and clean, but also modest and in good taste. The following guidelines are intended to promote uniformity of interpretation about the dress code:

PANTS/SHORTS/SKIRTS: Children are expected to wear neat pants or shorts. Unfinished cut offs, pants with tears or holes do not convey neatness and care about oneís appearance. Faddish extremes in use of chains, tightness or bagginess of pants (no exposed underwear) send out a message of world conformity rather than a desire to honour the LORD. Shorts and skirts must be mid-thigh in length. As girls grow older, the hemlines of skirts and shorts must be long enough to maintain modesty appropriate to their size. As well, there must be no lettering or graphics across the seat of any pants, shorts or skirts.

SHIRTS/SWEATERS/BLOUSES: T-shirts, sweaters and blouses that are modest and neat in design and fit, promote a positive image. Clothing must be devoid of pictures and slogans that are worldly. Older girls in particular need clothing that avoids the extremes of tightness and looseness in fit. Blouses and shirts must be able to be tucked in, and they must cover any cleavage. Tank tops must have straps that are at least three fingers wide.

HAIR: Hairstyles or accessories that are clearly identifiable with unchristian attitudes or groups do not belong at our school. As well, children may not dye their hair.

JEWELLERY: Boys are not allowed to wear earrings while at school or as members of a school team. Any form of face or body piercing, or tattoos is also not permitted. Except for the wearing of one pair of earrings, the same applies to girls. Earrings, for safety reasons, must be of length at or slightly below earlobe level.

MAKE-UP: Neatness and cleanliness in grooming contributes to an attractive appearance. Girls must not wear coloured make-up. Clear nail polish is acceptable.

HATS: No hats are to be worn inside the school building at any time, and winter hats are to be removed in the hallway.

PHYS. ED: Please remember that Phys. Ed clothes must meet the same criteria as any other clothing worn in the school.

BATHING SUITS: Swimsuits must be one-piece for girls and shorts-style for boys.

The Dress Code must be followed for any school trip or tournament

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