The opening of each day includes prayer, reading from the Bible, singing from The Book of Praise, and reciting parts of Scripture that are being memorized.
  • Lunch is preceded by prayer and closed with Bible reading and prayer.
  • Each school day is closed with prayer.
  • At lunchtime, pupils may be involved in leading classroom devotions. This can be done in a number of ways depending on the age and experience of the children.
  • Reciting the Lord's Prayer together is a good preparation in the primary grades.
  • Individual pupils may lead the class with the Lord's Prayer as early as the primary grades.
  • As students reach the upper grades, they may be encouraged to make up their own prayer. Students may write out their prayers for this purpose.
By the time the students have reached Grades 7 and 8, they may be asked to lead the entire closing of the lunch period with Bible reading and prayer.

Students at any grade level may be encouraged to suggest matters that should be remembered in prayer. The opening prayer led by the teacher at the beginning of the day is especially suitable for this purpose. Students are never be forced to lead in prayer. It should come naturally and voluntarily. At the beginning of each school year, teachers ease pupils into student-led devotions to give children time to feel comfortable with the procedures for the grade level.

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