Bible History

Students will be taught how God has revealed Himself in Scripture, and what guidelines He has given us for life. There should therefore be an in-depth study of the covenantal and redemptive history of God's self-revelation as recorded in the Old and New Testament.

The emphasis will be on story telling and teacher-directed discussions so that the students will not just receive a large number of facts which could result in a legalistic view of the Bible, but will receive an understanding of the whole history of God's people and His redemptive work.

Church History

The history of God's work among His people does continue after the Biblical account. Christ gathers, maintains, and preserves His Church throughout the ages. Therefore, we study the history of the Church from Roman times to the present day.

Language Arts

The Language Arts program should help students grow as they enhance their ability to relate to and communicate with others. Students are taught to listen thoughtfully, speak effectively, read critically, and write creatively. Language is learned best when communicated in various language experiences. It is important that the emphasis will be on good quality reading content.

There are various approaches to teaching language, each one having certain merits and deficiencies. It would therefore be incorrect to follow only one particular approach. Our school teaches an integrated language approach.


Canada has two official languages -- English and French. Therefore we must study the French language throughout the grades. This means we also try to understand and appreciate the French or Quebec culture. In the lower grades the main emphasis is on conversational methods; in the higher grades we add grammatical structures.


Using math as a tool we respond to God's wise and orderly decrees (Psalm 33: 6 - 11; Jeremiah 33: 25). Children discover God's created order about number and space from concrete, real experiences. Mathematical conclusions are gradually abstracted from such situations. Though abstractions and generalizations increase through the years, math maintains its link with every day experiences.


God created each living being with particular fitness for the environment in which He placed it. Each living being serves a purpose in God's plan for life. These beings exist only in relationship to an environment. They depend on a constant flow responsible for maintaining harmony among living things and their environment. The study of science includes the study of living beings, and their environment as it is affected by matter, energy, and technology.

Health / Guidance

Social Studies

Students develop an insight into cultures, both past and present. The religious roots of people guide human endeavour. Our personal faith affects how we interpret historical and cultural situations. We therefore foster an understanding of cultures and their relation to world views and values. Students learn about the physical, economic, political, and aesthetic aspects of cultural phenomena.


Geography and history are taught as separate subjects to grades seven and eight.


Geography and history are taught as separate subjects to grades seven and eight.



Art is a means of communication. Through Art we communicate to others our personal reactions and experience. By teaching Art, we help to develop both the physical and mental ability of the child. Physical, as the child learns to use his hands and tools to the glory of God. Mental, as his self-expression, perception, imagination and fantasy develop.

The arousing of interest in the child of form, composition and colour of objects, leads the child to a better understanding of the creation and to a better knowledge of God, the Creator. It is therefore important that the child gains this understanding of the nature of objects, their beauty and form. The awareness of the child toward God's handiwork in nature is therefore implanted and nurtured during these Art lessons.

Whatever we do in Art, however we do it, we must ensure that it is done to the glory of God, who has given us our creative talents for a purpose.


Music is a form of communication which God has given us in which we can express our emotions to God's glory. We teach this via singing/ choir, instrumentation, music appreciation and history and musical theory

There are many benefits to the band program which must be noted. Playing a musical instrument involves physical, mental, and social developments that must not be understated. According to the Conference Board of Canada, music education enhances: problem solving, teamwork, goal setting, self-expression, coordination, memory skills, self confidence & esteem, concentration, poise and time management. Therefore we can see fruits of this band program in many other areas of education as well.

The opportunity for an elementary student to learn an instrument is another opportunity to glorify God. This is yet another avenue which Credo travels in the awesome task of preparing the covenantal child for their calling in God's kingdom. Throughout the walk of life one is to do one thing: live to the glory of God. This is the goal of the music program as well; to play to the glory of God.

Physical Education

Physical education can be briefly defined as that subject which involves the learning of and putting into practice physical movement skills. These skills can be used to increase participation in sports and recreational games and cause an increased awareness of the body's potential. In the long run, these physical skills and the related higher level of fitness should allow the student to enjoy a more active and creative leisure time during, and after, his school years. The foundation of physical education is based on the key principle that the school must provide for the nurture of the whole child; that is, both his body and his spirit(mind).

In Phys. ed. the students learn to apply the skills taught in the program to individual, competitive, and cooperative sports. Emphasis is placed on individual skill development as well as cooperation with others. A healthy concept of competition is fostered in both individual and team sports.

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