Golf Tournament

Every September Credo hosts its annual golf tournament. It’s a great day to spend some time with friends, practice your swing, and enjoy some friendly competition. All skill levels are welcome! After the tournament, we get together for a catered meal and hand out prizes. Some serious, some not so serious. Check out the home page for more information.

Voucher Program

The Voucher Program is an ongoing fundraiser where vouchers (aka gift cards) are purchased by the school from various retailers at a discount and then offered to our membership for purchase at face value. The profits go to school! You can purchase vouchers from retailers such as The Gap, Home Depot, No Frills, etc.

Orders are placed using Scrip Manager, a convenient, easy to use, on-line program, with delivery and payment options suitable for anyone. You can access the voucher program here.

This is a great way to support Credo through the shopping you were already going to do.