Canadian Reformed Teachers' Association (C.R.T.A.)

Your teachers are all members of the above professional teachers association. For two days a year the members of this organization hold a convention during which speeches, workshops, and displays are made. Teachers receive encouragement and a fresh perspective through the exchange of ideas and information about their task as teachers in reformed schools. The C.R.T.A. also publishes a regular magazine which features articles about teaching and learning.

Covenant Canadian Reformed Teachers' College

Our Canadian Reformed Teachers' College has become a very vital part of our Canadian Reformed School "system". The importance of this institution in our midst has become indispensable. Please remember to support it with your money and prayers. The student teachers "practise" in our school. Also your children will probably get a student teacher. Please remember to be supportive of this work in the way you talk to your children about student teachers.

Cooperation With Other Schools

Throughout the school year a number of important events have been organized cooperatively with other Canadian Reformed Schools to promote fellowship, interest, learning and even a Christian attitude to competition, whether that competition is in sports activities or more academic endeavor. Some of these activities are:
  • Sporting events: soccer tournament, baseball games, track and field meets, cross-country running.
  • Annual public speaking contest, sponsored by Guido de Bres Christian Highschool.
  • Teachers' conventions, C.A.R.E. workshops (see C.A.R.E.)
This cooperation creates a healthy atmosphere of fellowship among us and can have very positive returns for the school, the students and the teachers. Encourage your children to develop healthy, Christian attitudes toward fellowship and participation!

Curriculum Assistance For Reformed Education (C.A.R.E.)

Much thought and organization go into producing sound reformed teaching materials for our schools. Since this work would be far too much for one individual, the League of Canadian Reformed School Societies, in cooperation with the Canadian Reformed Teachers' Association and the Principals' Association, have formed the above committee which is funded through the League. This Committee has provided our schools with some very valuable curriculum resource material and programs. In consultation with the Principals' Association, this Committee organizes summer workshops to write the requested support material.

Harvest Endowment Foundation

We encourage you to support the Harvest Endowment Foundation for the benefit of our community. This is a Canadian Reformed foundation established for the purpose of operating a fund, or series of funds, for the endowment and benefit of Canadian Reformed school societies and other Canadian Reformed charities. The Harvest Endowment Foundation depends on the support of generous donors.

Ladies Auxiliary

An active Ladies' Auxiliary has been responsible for many valuable projects in our school. They raise the money by means of sales and other activities and dispense the money in consultation with the staff and the board.

League of Canadian Reformed School Societies (L.C.R.S.S.)

Our school has much in common with other Canadian Reformed Schools. We also have many common needs: school insurance, teacher salaries, curriculum needs etc. Two board members from each society represent the schools at these meetings.

Bethel Canadian Reformed Church & Brampton Canadian Reformed Church

Teachers, parents and students all stem from churches in the Canadian Reformed circle. Information about our churches can be found on the Canadian and American Reformed Churches website.

Our churches believe that the Holy Scripture or the Holy Bible is the Word of God. This Word has no equal because it is:

  • Inspired by God the Holy Spirit who caused many different men to write it over a considerable period of time.
  • Infallible in that it is a completely reliable and trustworthy book which should not and need not be doubted;
  • Inerrant, meaning that whatever is revealed in it is without error, contradiction or misrepresentation;
  • Sufficient because it fully contains the will of God and reveals all that we need to believe in order to be saved.
This Word represents the final rule of faith and life in our churches. We receive it for regulation, foundation and confirmation of our faith. It serves as the basis for all authority in our churches.
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