The school bus rides are an extension of the school day and as such are governed by the same code of behaviour as the time at school. Pupils are expected to conduct themselves as they would at school. Along with that there are some additional rules that apply to the bus trips that must be followed for the safety of everyone on the bus.
    1. No standing on the bus. All pupils must take their assigned seats and remain seated for the duration of the trip.

    2. No interfering with the bus driver.

    3. No throwing things on the bus.

    4. No eating on the bus. Some pupils have special dietary concerns and must pay special attention to their diet. The staff at school are aware of these concerns and can deal with problems if they arise but while on the bus, these pupils may be put at risk if they eat or are exposed to the wrong food.

    5. Keep windows closed unless driver gives permission. If windows are open, keep everything inside the bus - this includes garbage, fingers and hands, etc.

The board will appoint on an annual basis, one staff member (“Bus Contact”) who will have the duty to ensure that all situations which arise as a result of the bus rides are dealt with in good order. The Bus Contact will receive all calls by parents or others and all reports by bus drivers relating to behavioural problems and forward them to the student’s teacher to be dealt with. If the infraction is minor in nature, the teacher can deal with it him/herself. If it is, or becomes, a more serious situation the Bus Contact, in consultation with the teacher will deal with the problem according to the procedures as laid out in the discipline policy.

In addition to the corrective behaviour outlined in the discipline policy, bus privileges may also be suspended if deemed appropriate. Suspension of bus privileges does not mean suspension from school and parents are responsible for bringing their children to school.

All situations of a serious nature will be documented and the transportation committee will be kept informed in case follow-up is required.

All calls for the Bus Contact are to be made to the school during school hours.

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